TreeBit is an educational game, designed to be played on mobile devices. It was built for the Chicago based museum: The Field Museum of Natural History.

TreeBit integrates play and mechanic exploration to teach about the phylogenic tree of life and bio-diversity. Player's collect items and solve puzzles by swiping on screen to guide their characters depicted as single cell creatures and later, early birds of prey.

The game features an "evolving art" style that moves through the various iterations of pixel art as it advanced in technology. Inspiration was taken from Atari game systems through the releases of The Legend of Zelda and Mario on the Nintendo game systems.

  • Technology: Unity Pro, Photoshop CS4
  • Development Time: 7 Months
  • Team Size: 2 Game Developers
  • Publications and Recognition: DiGRA 2013, Evolving pixel art: aligning game art and learning goals.


Mechanic design and programming the game systems was shared with another game designer but I was specifically responsible for the asset pipeline, level design and integration, build assembly and mobile optimization.

Gameplay Footage