Sassy Robots in Space


Sassy Robots was a game built during an Indie Game Sprint where participants created games in 2 week sprints. Sassy Robots is a puzzle platformer where players pick up colored orbs that correspond with colored barriers and collision. Once players pick up the orbs, the corresponding colored barriers becomes transparent  and passable.

  • Technology: Unity 3D, Maya 2010
  • Development Time: 2 Weeks
  • Team Size: 2 Developers, 1 Artist.

Collaborative Project with Tucker Williams and Brian Cielecz.


Collaborating with one other designer on the game concept and mechanic design, I created the puzzles and levels that make up Sassy Robots in Space! Working with the simple mechanic of removing collision on specified walls, barriers and platforms, I spent the majority of the 2 weeks planning out levels, designing and playtesting the puzzles and then translating my sketches and notes into functional whiteboxes. Once the white boxes were finished I worked with our artist to assemble the levels and replace the white box geometry with the 3D assets.


Sassy Robots can be downloaded here.

Gameplay Footage