Tools Programmer/Technical Artist, Ready at Dawn Studios
January 2016 to Present, Chicago IL

I work directly with a team of content creators that rely on the maintenance, extension and new development of tools and workflows that focus on increasing iteration time. I work along side our engine team gameplay programmers and 3D artists to develop workflows with the goal of pushing visual fidelity with the balance of performance.

Technical Art Lead, InContext Solutions
November 2010 to December 2015, Chicago IL

I developed with a robust pipeline for an interactive 3D simulations/visualization platform using Unity 3D. My responsibilities consisted of managing a team of technical artists, scoping internal features and releases, writing pipeline and optimization tools using Unity editor tool functionality in C# and with Maya using Python.

Game Designer, TreeBit
The Field Museum of Natural History
January 2012 to December 2012, Chicago IL

Designed and implemented game features and mechanics for an android based mobile game that used game principles to teach about biodiversity and the biological tree of life.

Game Designer, Math Shapes
MathZee Games
January 2011 – April 2011 – Chicago, IL

Brought Game Design fundamentals to the educational game company MathZee and aided in the development of its first game. I specifically focused on the design of the levels in Math Shapes, a game that taught 1st Grade Math and Geometry.

Adjunct Faculty,  Game Development Instructor
Columbia College Chicago
Sept 2012 to Present, Chicago IL

I wrote the curriculum for and taught classes revolving around level design theory and game level scripting/implementation for the classes Engine Based Design I and II.

Course Instructor, Internal Drive Camps, Northwestern University
June 2009 – August 2010 – Evanston IL

Developed course material and taught individual classes – Level Design with Unreal Engine, Modding the Unreal Engine and Game Design: First Person Shooters.

Level Design Lead, Warden of Raal, Columbia College Capstone
September 2010 – May 2011 – Chicago, IL

I was responsible for level design, level flow, prop placement, prototype lighting and level optimization. Warden of Raal was a 28 man student project and I managed the level design team and the correlation with the environment artists.


Honors and Awards

Project Nightlight Game Creation Challenge:

Awarded first place at The University of Depaul’s Project Nightlight Game Challenge. My team’s game Painter’s Colic, built in 8 weeks, took 1st place after being judged by the game studio: Deep Silver Volition.

Skills and Expertise

Autodesk Maya
Python Tools
Maya API
Custom nodes
MEL Script

Unity 3D
C# Editor Tools
Performance Optimization
Substance Materials

Allegorithmic Substance Designer
Batch Tools

I also have experience with:

XNormal SDK
Unreal Engine 4
Adobe Photoshop CC



Bachelor of Arts
Game Development
Graduated Cum Laude

Columbia College Chicago, Interactive Arts and Media Department