Painter's Colic


Painter’s Colic is a 2D platformer puzzle game developed for the PC. Players control a mad painter as he tries to reach the moon. The only way he can do this is by sacrificing the paint droplet that follow aimlessly behind him. Each color droplet reacts differently to the world around him and he must solve various puzzles while sacrificing droplets to enable the others to move forward.

  • Technology: Microsoft XNA
  • Development Time: 8 Weeks
  • Team Size: 2 Designers, 2 Artists, 4 Programmers.
  • Awards: 1st place at the University of Depaul’s Project Nightlight Game Competition

Collaborative Project with Philip Tibitoski, Aaron Dittmann, Ashley RuhlJohnny OwensKevin Zuhn, and Dan Kristoff


Working with one other designer I designed game mechanics, puzzles, and the game levels. Using a level editor built by our programmers for XNA, I designed and built the levels for Painter’s Colic. Creating, iterating and balancing challenging and engaging puzzles was my key contribution.


Painter’s Colic can be downloaded here.

Gameplay Footage