Nine to Fine: Death's Accountant


You’re Death’s Accountant: your job is to collect 1,000,000 souls before 5:00 pm or you’re fired! Use left click to rotate the world and hold right click while moving your mouse to suck up souls.

Spend souls with your four horseman contractors at the bottom of the screen to increase the death rate on a continent and collect more souls. White souls are worth the least, yellow souls are worth more, purple souls are worth lots!

  • Technology: Unity Pro, Maya 2013, Photoshop CS4,
  • Development Time: 36 Hour Game Jam
  • Team Size: 4 Game Developers

Collaborative Project with Ryan GeorgeRyan Batten and Aaron Dittmann


Art/Pipeline Development

I was responsible for the creation of the majority of the art assets (besides the UI), custom shaders and particle effect implementation. The game’s design and systems were handled by the 4 of us and implementation tasks were split up between us.


Nine to Five can be played online here.

If you want to see it in beautiful desktop quality you can download it here.

Gameplay Images