Lone Echo (2017) / Echo Arena

Lone Echo is a narrative adventure game consisting of both exploration and using tools and objects to solve puzzles. Of particular note is the game's locomotion system, which allows players to grab almost any surface, and either move themselves along or push off of the environment to float in a given direction. The player is also given wrist-mounted thrusters that can be use to change or finesse a trajectory.

Players can pick up and move objects, as well as manipulate switches and control panels. In addition they are given a data scanner that can interface with machinery, and a plasma cutter than can cut through certain surfaces. As a service android, the player must repair damaged or inoperable systems, as well as aid and protect the station's sole human crew member.



  • Technology: RAD Game Tools Internal Engine
  • Released 2017: Oculus Rift/PC


Tools Programmer:

Game specific tools development and support for all artists and designers on project.
Notable contributions include:

  • LOD authoring toolset
  • Complex-mesh combine utility to create low-res and distance vista assets
  • Asset packing toolset to reduce asset duplicates in memory heap
  • XNormal Toolset Extension
  • Photoshop texture authoring toolset
  • Maya pre-process to validate and cleanup maya scenes before engine export.

Gameplay Footage



    Echo Arena: