301 Taylor


301Taylor revolves around a forsaken train yard that lies next to an electrical power factory. Inspired by an actual Chicago location, the train yard contains train engineer workshops, warehouses, storage facilities and train houses.

It is a fairly linear level that leads players through the abandoned train yard as they escape a crashed train car and find refuge on a boat near the river.

Obstacles include crashed train cars, destroyed building assets and an out of control train that races through the level and of course zombies. The map is designed for Left For Dead 2, a 1st person shooter for the PC.

  • Technology: Left For Dead 2 Authoring Tools: (Valve Hammer Editor), Maya 2010, and Photoshop CS4
  • Development Time: 3 Months


Design – 2D drawing, Maps and Flow of the level.
Research – Reference Photos, Train Yard Architecture.
Documentation – Level and Setting Overview, Level Structure.
Blocking Out – Scale and Gameplay Flow.
Scripting – Encounters and Events
Prop Modeling – Asset Creation and Texture Samplng
Refinement – Gameplay Testing and Level Tone.


Environment Captures